Milton Republican Kevin Burdette has announced he is running for the seat in Sussex County in the 3rd district

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    Primary Date to Vote
    September 13, 2016
    In order to ELECT Kevin to the Council, you MUST GO VOTE FOR HIM!
    There are NO SECOND CHANCES!

  • ~ Provide a BETTER focus on the 3rd
  • District; strong concern about the entire County

  • ~Apply forward thinking and planning
  • for a BETTER future

  • ~ Listen to your input, ideas, and concerns for BETTER solutions

  • ~ Make Sussex County a BETTER place to live


Kevin was born in Maryland and as an adult moved to Sussex County in 1974, where he lived near Fenwick Island, Selbyville, Seaford and has resided east of Milton since 1986. Being the first in his family to attend college, by working his way through, he understands and is not afraid of hard work. Utilizing his Civil Engineering technology background, he worked actively in the Well Drilling, Geo-technical and Water Treatment and Supply industry for over 18 years, while becoming a Partner in a successful business. As his interest expanded, he joined a Mid Atlantic Civil Engineering firm and eventually became a Principal in the business. His next 16 years of managing Surveying, Water & Wastewater Projects, Land Planning, Road Designs and Regulatory and Ordinance review in multiple states has provided him with a wealth of knowledge. Being a Board Member of this successful business has made him refine his abilities to "Think Outside of the Box" in planning for the future both in technical and business issues while fully understanding the needs to be able to meet payrolls and provide a future for his employees. He was an initiating member of a group of regulators and legislators to initiate the requirement of licensing of Potable Water Operators in the State of Delaware to promote Safe Drinking Water throughout the State, and was the first Water Operator ever licensed in the State. He has strong beliefs in insuring that our environment is safe for future generations and is a Delaware Department of Natural Resources Certified Construction Reviewer. Kevin is currently a semi-retired Business Consultant, and has limited his Clients predominantly to Kent County over the last 6 years so that he can represent the residents of Sussex County as a County Councilman without a Conflict of Interest. Kevin has been a student of the Sussex County Government for over 20 years and desires to be able to help the residents of Sussex County to maintain a high Quality of Life for future generations.


o Well Drilling, Water & Wastewater Treatment, Water Supply, Geotechnical Testing (Municipal, Agricultural & Residential) - 18 Years
o Land Planning, Regulatory & Ordinance Drafting & Reviews, Engineering Concepts (Principal in Mid Atlantic Regional Engineering / Surveying / Land Planning Firm) - 16 Years
o Business Consultant - Business Management & Operations, Staff Development, Issue Resolution, Regulatory and Construction Review - 5+ Years
o Adjunct Delaware Technical Community College (DTCC) Environmental Instructor - 15+ Years
o DNREC - State Certified Construction Reviewer - 10 Years
o Delaware Registered Lobbyist